A John Craddock Hands-on Masterclass:
Implementing and troubleshooting authentication and authorisation protocols 

As we move into a world of digital transformation where resources are ubiquitously distributed, authentication and authorisation become the primary mechanisms to protect valuable resources. No longer are our environments constrain within our network boundaries, we need to stretch out and embrace disparate systems. These systems may include both providers and consumers of identity.

The key to success is through the efficacious implementation of the appropriate authentication and authorisation protocols to support our ecosystems. Only through a deep understanding of the protocols involved will you be able to validate and troubleshoot your systems.

Come to this 4-day masterclass and learn how to work with and troubleshoot:

  • WS-Federation
  • SAML-P
  • OpenID Connect
  • OAuth 2.0
  • REST API access
  • Windows Kerberos authentication and Kerberos Constrained Delegation

The class will provide you with a thorough grounding in the different protocols and show you how to configure, test and troubleshoot. Applications/resources will be running on IIS, and the primary identity provider will be Azure AD, you will also learn how to integrate with other identity providers.

You will work with a range of troubleshooting tools including Fiddler, Wireshark, Postman, browser development tools and more…
If you want to resolve issues quickly, this masterclass is a must. All too often we have seen issues take days to fix whereas with the correct tools and techniques it could have been resolved in minutes. After this class, you will be in an exemplary position to dramatically reduce resolution times. 

Pre-requisites and overlap with the John Craddock Identity masterclass

This class will use Azure AD and an on-premises AD as the primary sources of Identity, there will be a small amount of overlap with the identity masterclass where you will need to configure an Azure AD and Azure AD Connect. The class will only give a sparse explanation of the management aspects of Azure AD with the focus on configuring and troubleshooting authentication and authorisation for resource access. Application registration and configuration will be covered in detail. 

If you have not attended the masterclass, please make sure you are familiar with Azure AD concepts and terminology before attending this class. The class is for experienced administrators.

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Time & Date

3rd – 6th December 2018

09.00 – 17.00 CET

Central Oslo, exact venue TBD


4th – 7th March 2019

09.00 – 17.00 CET

Central Oslo, exact venue TBD



29 990,- eks. VAT. per person

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