Tracks NIC Future Now

Server & Client

Server & Client operating systems are updated with new functionality and security features more often than ever. This track ensures you will have the knowledge what to do today and plan for tomorrow.

Cloud Platform

Learn about capabilities and power of the different Clouds, now and what’s yet to come. Development and investments from software vendors are heavily Cloud-based, giving continuous new functionality as well as simplicity and sometimes complexity. Attending this track will give the skills to pilot in the skies.

Management & Automation

Clouds and on-prem environments needs control and consistency. In the motion from task based automation to Infrastructure as code there are new tools and methodologies to adopt. Learn from the best how this can be achieved through management and automation!


One dedicated track to the Security-topic that will cover everything from Cloud-security and device-security to hacker attacks and how to prevent them.

Cloud Productivity and Analytics

Are you using your productivity software optimally? Be maximum effective within your organization as well as when collaborating with others outside. Learn how to use Analytics to get Business Insights from Big Data and Machine Learning.

CxO - Future Now

What are the trends? What is important and what are the solutions to present and future challenges? GDPR will be enforceable within a year, learn how to achieve and report compliance.

Partner Talks

What are ISV’s and others view on endpoint-security, secure authentication, Hybrid Cloud security, IoT-possibilities and more. See and learn how multiple challenges and problems can be mitigated or solved through software, appliances and concepts.

Instructor-Led Hands-On Labs

During our hands-on lab, participants are presented with challenging and use-case oriented exercises to build a realistic scenario. The instructor provides guidance and is available to support students and to help them with tips and tricks.