Azure AD B2B Conditional Access Advanced Scenarios

In a modern world, collaboration between organizations is super important. And with Office 365 and other cloud services, collaboration between organizations has never been easier. With Azure AD B2B collaboration, organizations can enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) and conditional access policies for B2B users and partners. In this session you will learn how to control access for your consultants, partners and contractors when they access your stuff in the cloud. Expect lots of demos and real-world examples, that will help you to be a hero and protect the company data while keeping user productive.

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Session information

Track: Cloud Platform
Time and date: 02/02/2018, 11:10
Location: Cloud Platform 2 (Room 4)

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Jan Ketil Skanke

Company: CloudWay
Position: Partner and Principal Cloud Architect

Ronni Pedersen

Company: Independent
Position: Cloud Architect