Azure SQL Database – the cloud awakens

There has been an awakening. Azure SQL Database is no longer merely a comic relief, but an essential part of a good strategy for galactic domination. Some even say that the lack of a good cloud environment played a part in the demise of a certain galactic empire. While this may or may not have been the case, keeping up to date on current technology is always helpful when one tries to avoid the displeasure of the leadership. This session outlines the offerings available in Azure SQL Database today, explore what is in the pipeline for tomorrow and how the whole database-as-a-service fits in with the rest of the Azure ecosystem. May the cloud be with you – always.

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Session information

Track: Cloud Platform
Time and date: 01/02/2018, 10:00
Location: Cloud Platform 2 (Room 4)

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Alexander Arvidsson

Company: Atea
Position: Senior Consultant