Cloud battles: Choosing Azure, AWS or Google battleships

Public clouds are a reality and here to stay. More and more companies are adopting public clouds in their daily business. How do you choose which cloud is best for your business? This session will help you understand the difference between the Big Three cloud providers: Azure, AWS and Google, to help you to determine the actual cloud need, choose the right provider for your business needs while saving you money. During this session, you will become familiar with Azure, AWS and Google terminology as well as the similarities and differences between the cloud offerings. Real cases will be discussed to show you which platform could be suitable for your needs. At the end of the talk you will become comfortable to the level where you can participate in cloud architecture discussions and have your own view point.

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Session information

Track: Cloud Platform
Time and date: 01/02/2018, 14:40
Location: Cloud Platform 1 (Room 8)

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Viktorija Almazova

Company: Cloudworks
Position: Cloud Security Architect