Keynote – The Future of Technology

Keynote – The Future of Technology

Keynote – The Future of Technology

Apps are eating the web. The Internet of Things will ultimately mean more Internet traffic generated and consumed by machines than by humans. Machines are learning our habits faster than we can form them. What does all this mean for the future? How will we interact with our devices when they are as smart or smarter than we are? How will anyone manage to make money is this coming world? Join Microsoft Distinguished Engineer James Whittaker for an entertaining and thought provoking jaunt into the future – a future coming a lot faster than most people imagine.


How the PC, web and mobile eras took us to where we are today and why we are currently in an era of extreme disruption by machines.

Understand the technologies that the future will be built on: big data, invisible UI, augmented reality and intelligent machines.

Envision how the future will unfold as machines displace the web and mobile and fundamentally change the way work gets done.

Understand how this machine disruption will affect the field you are in and develop a framework for how to think about this future and you/your company’s role in it.

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Time and date: 01/02/2018, 08:40 - 09:40
Location: Keynote (Room 1)

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James Whittaker

Company: Microsoft Corporation
Position: Distinguished Engineer and Technical Evangelist