LifeHack: 5 steps for succeeding with personal productivity using OneNote

Using OneNote as your primary notetaking tool? Without structure you might lose track of all your notes. This session is all about how to get structured using OneNote to dump all your thoughts, ideas, emails and notes that is either actionable or something you want to find later and use it as the only task scheduling tool as well. MVP Ståle Hansen will show you 5 easy steps to get started with a robust framework from using sections correct, your mobile to take notes on the go and the Pomodoro Technique to prioritize and induce flow in a busy workday. The magic, is to collect all information in one section regardless of platform, the collection section. Join this practical session to jumpstart getting structured with OneNote.

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Session information

Track: Cloud Productivity and Analytics
Time and date: 02/02/2018, 09:50
Location: Cloud Productivity & Analytics (Room 7)

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Ståle Hansen

Company: Cloudway
Position: Principal Cloud Architect