The Storyteller’s Spellbook: Mastering the Art of Personal Expression

Boredom. Nowhere does it manifest more aggressively than in corporate conference rooms where speakers struggle to get an idea across in an engaging way. That boredom is killing those ideas, sapping audience energy and slowing down progress. Microsoft Distinguished Engineer James Whittaker has decoded the solution to engaging stage presence and cast it as a set of spells to be woven into the fabric of a presentation. Like actual spells, these techniques are activated by 1) what you say, 2) how you say it and 3) what you do while you are saying it. James presents these concepts, not by lecturing them, but by demonstrating them. Expect to be thoroughly entertained with authentic stories while you learn how to command a stage and turn an audience into a room full of believers. Whether you want to improve the story of your company, product or yourself, this course will turn you into a storytelling wizard.


How to conceive and structure a presentation for proper flow and maximum impact.

How to prepare for your presentation to conquer stage fright and ensure recall.

How to make important points stick in the minds of  your audience.

How to weave story, voice modulation and movement to spellbind your audience.

How to tell your own story to improve your career.

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Session information

Track: CxO - Future Now
Time and date: 01/02/2018, 11:20
Location: CxO - Future Now (Room 3)

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James Whittaker

Company: Microsoft Corporation
Position: Distinguished Engineer and Technical Evangelist