Welcome to the 9th edition of NIC. The conference dedicated to driving technical IT best practice across IT Professionals and IT-Decision Makers.

Are all your IT-systems from just one manufacturer? Like Microsoft?

If the answer is no, and it most certainly is, then you need to build competence and knowledge on a wider range of technology. This might span from different cloud providers, through line of business application, open source servers, hardware and peripherals.

Where do you go to find a conference that support all that? To one of Microsoft’s or another one-brand-conference?

Off course not!

What you need is an independent, open, inviting and including conference like NIC 20/20. A conference that embraces all modern technology, is independent of vendor, who opens the scene and the exhibition floor to all types of companies as long as they bring knowledge and experience at their front and center.

NIC 20/20 will be the 9th NIC. For years now we have brought international and local speakers with passion for IT to the Norwegian IT-scene. We have 90 % returning visitors. The testimonials don’t lie: NIC is the one place to be if you want to see the width, depth and complexity of the technology of today and tomorrow. All presented with our slogan in mind: Less slides, more demo!

About NIC

What to expect from NIC 20/20 Vision

Less slides, more demos!

NIC is the industry’s foremost collaboration and learning event offering global best in class content and structure. After eight successful years we are developing as a conference while continuing the key concept of the original conference: Less slides, more demos! With a determined focus on hands-on clinics and sessions we will show you how to solve the most common tasks and challenges, while sharing all our experience, tips and tricks from the real world. This two-day event will focus on deep-dives and practical knowledge.

The conference will show you how automation and management is, and will be more, essential in the Cloud services. Whether you’re an IT-Professional or a CxO with responsibilities for IT planning, NIC will help you make the decisions that is right for you. Get a view on how AI and ML creates focus on the present and the future based on historical data. Find out which Cloud best suit your needs, or maybe multiple Clouds will be your choice.