February 6th – 7th 2020, Oslo Spektrum

February 6th – 7th, 2020,
Oslo Spektrum

Karim El-Melhaoui

Security Architect

Karim El-Melhaoui is a Security Architect at Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM), currently a part of its Cloud Centre of Excellence team where his evangelizing security and modern architecture principles. In addition he is a member of the organizations Blue team responsible for increasing the security posture and implementing an architecture capable of defending against sophisticated adversaries.

He has spent the past years prior to joining NBIM on researching Public Cloud security and training IT professionals through public classrooms and private engagements.

His stories are based on actual experiences and challenges faced by many organizations today.


Karim El-Melhaoui

Company: NBIM
Position: Security Architect


Defending Clouds: Security engineering and architecture



8:30 am - 9:30 am

Attacking Cloud(s): Exploiting the insecurities



2:40 pm - 3:40 pm