February 6th – 7th 2020, Oslo Spektrum

February 6th – 7th, 2020,
Oslo Spektrum

Michael Ulrik Mardahl

Cloud Architect

Michael works as a Cloud Architect with APENTO in Denmark. Specialising in customer journeys from classic Infrastructure to Cloud consumption.
He has been in the IT industry for more than 20 years, and has experience from a broad range of IT projects.
When not at work, Michael enjoys the value of spending time with family and friends, and BLOG’s passionately about Enterprise Mobility whenever he has time to spare.


Michael Ulrik Mardahl

Company: APENTO
Position: Cloud Architect


Windows Autopilot, don't let the perfect be the enemy of the better



11:10 am - 12:10 pm

Troubleshooting the modern managed client



11:20 am - 12:20 pm