AI and VR-enhanced high-performance computing – real world examples

Artificial Intelligence that covers areas like machine learning, pattern recognition, virtual or augmented reality etc. often requires high capacity and high-performance computing due to the sheer amount of data and the performance needed to process that amount of data in reasonable time.

A recent research paper in the Science Advances journal reports a specific high-performance environment cloud infrastructure that makes it possible to actually manipulate very complex biochemical structures (macromolecules) in 3D Virtual Reality space in real time. We shall present and demonstrate this kind of intelligent and high-performance environment that competes with and often outperforms super computers for a fraction of the cost.

The presentation and the demos are based upon the work of Dr. David Glowacki from the University of Bristol, which have proven to be very effective tools for research in particular, and very promising tools for AI-enhanced high-performance computing in general.

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Track: CxO – Artificial Future
Time and date: 07/02/2019, 13:20 - 14:20
Location: Room 3

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Inge Os

Company: Oracle Nordic
Position: Cloud Solution Engineering Director