Decentralized Identity

Take a moment to count up how many identities you have for accessing work and social resources. Probably included in your list will be Office 365, Amazon, Gmail, your corporate network, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more¦ Who controls those identities? Not you! In today’s world we are forced to entrust multiple organizations with holding our identity, in many cases, secured by only a username and password. How would it be, if YOU, were in sole control of your identity and not relying on multiple organizations protect it for you?

Come to this session and you learn how multiple organizations are working towards the future with proposals and open standards for decentralized identity (DID). Organizations will no longer own identity, you will be in control. This self-owned identity will integrate seamlessly into your daily live and give you complete control of the information you share and who you share it with. Discover the future of identity systems, a session not to be missed! If you want to really understand how blockchain, which is a core component of DID, works attend John Craddock’s session Blockchain, the ultimate guide.

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Session information

Track: Security
Time and date: 08/02/2019, 12:40 - 13:40
Location: Room 1

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John Craddock

Company: XTSeminars
Position: Identity and security architect