Four Narratives for AI Adoption

If the march of human progress has taught us anything, it’s that things go wrong from time to time. Having clear accountability established and a remediation plan in place is a smart thing for companies to do.

In 2019, we will see even more consequential uses of data and AI impacting the services people receive every day, like in financial services and healthcare.  Every company involved in building and using data and algorithms in these situations must have an empathetic framework which considers the human impact of data and AI.  You see, data is neither ethical or unethical, it’s the people who use it that operate in that dimension.

So how should companies, both big and small, plan for and develop an AI capability. Today there are four narratives build around the successful deployment of AI based solutions; AI ethics is obviously one of these. The other are AI Services, Agile AI and AI Maturity. It is clear that only one of these is about technology. But in reality, success has to be driven through culture, strategy and organization.

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Track: CxO – Artificial Future
Time and date: 07/02/2019, 17:20 - 18:20
Location: Room 1

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Norm Judah

Company: Microsoft Corporation
Position: Microsoft Enterprise Chief Technology Officer