Machine Learning, Crowdsourcing and Multi-tenancy for Improved Infrastructure Operations and Security

This session will explore advancements made possible by cloud, machine learning and multi-tenancy that can improve scale and performance of analytics, identify common conditions, benchmarks, and insights for common and cloud infrastructure that enable users to compare behaviors, performance, and conditions inside their ever-evolving environments and IT components to global, crowd-sourced intelligence.

These analytical capabilities and global insights can accelerate detection of anomalous conditions in operations and security, improve utilization, performance, and security, as well as dramatically accelerate learning to improve decision making based on intelligence of the global DevSecOps community.

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Session information

Track: Artificial Platform
Time and date: 08/02/2019, 09:50 - 10:50
Location: Room 8

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Bruno Kurtic

Company: Sumo Logic
Position: VP of Product & Strategy