What's new in Client Enterprise management

Take a deep breath and think about the number of new releases in a year when working with Microsoft Enterprise desktop solutions: Intune updated 12 times pr. year. SCCM updated 3 times pr. year, SCCM Technology preview updated 12 times pr. year, Office 365 12 times pr. year and finally Windows 10 twice pr. year. Now ask yourself, how are you planning to keep up with all this new versions and features? Answer is easy, join this session and prepare to be upgraded with the latest information and be ready for 2019.

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Track: Cloud Platform
Time and date: 07/02/2019, 16:00 - 17:00
Location: Room 7

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Kent Agerlund

Company: Coretech
Position: Chief Technical Architect and Enterprise Client Management specialist

Marius Skovli

Company: CTGlobal
Position: Principal Consultant and Microsoft MVP